Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Won't Be Blogging For a While...

So, I thought I'd post a few photos that are past due.
The following pictures were taken this past summer when Kristie and her kids came down from Canada. We are looking forward to another great visit this year, Lord willing.

Beth, Julia and Warren (Kris's kids)

Can we say, "mischievous"? Kennedy (Kris's girlie) and Addie (Josh and Amanda's girlie) were trouble times two, but oh so adorable! :o)

Pierce, Harrison (Kristie's boys), Josh (friend) and Micaiah.
I love Harrison's expression in this photo!

Julia had a birthday while visiting. She loves to cook so I had to post this particular picture of her. It is so adorable.

Kennedy (Kristie's youngest daughter) and Ranger

Jackson's bountiful garden

Emily, Addie (Josh and Amanda's girlie's) and Kennedy at the park

Harrison and Beth playing with my 'almost' dog, Iris. Thanks anyway Ann and Kris. xoxo

These were taken in the fall.

These were taken on Greg's birthday (my baby is 9!) and I couldn't possibly post photos and not have one of our silly selves. Greg fell asleep while warming himself on my heating pad.

My cousin made this great cowl neck "scarf" for me and Micaiah decided to try it out.

This is Micaiah's Uncle Sam impersonation.

Have yourself a good rest of the winter and enjoy those days of sunshine!