Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Those Sentimental Reasons

After some thought and input, I've decided to change my business name. I didn't realize how many companies were named Moonflower and apparently this was confusing to some. Also, I don't think it represents what I love the most. I am a dreamer and one of the old fashioned sort. I love sweet sentimentality and nostalgia.
I would like your opinions if you would be so kind. You will notice my choices are similar to titles from popular songs in the 40's and 50's (or earlier). I would like my jewelry blog (and hopefully a variety of other items as time progresses) to reflect a similar warmth, sincerity, a bit of subtle elegance and a whole lot of quality that those time periods represent without being pretentious or ostentatious. I would like it to have a sentimental feel and the pieces purchased as something on which to have built a dream or memory. So, if you would please leave your remarks and/or suggestions in the comment section below, I would greatly appreciate it.

The choices are:
1. Those Sentimental Reasons
2. Something To Build a Dream On
3. Isn't It A Lovely Day...

Thanks so much for your help!