Monday, November 23, 2009

Hooray for Marie-Madeline Studio!

I'm finally posting...but briefly. One of my favorite sites of all times, Marie-Madeline Studio, is having a fabric sale as well as a $30 gift certificate giveaway. I check their site almost daily (sometimes multiple times a day *blush*).

They have some of the cutest apron...

and bag/purse patterns.

I love browsing through their pictures;

seeing their happy faces...

and drooling over their exotic, retro and brightly colored fabrics. I literally come away from their blog with a smile on my face. They really seem to have the joy of the Lord and a love for one another.

Won't you join me in visiting these lovely ladies at ...

their store:

their etsy:

and their blog:

Have yourself a lovely day and may the Lord bless you!

*all pictures used with permission from Marie-Madeline Studio.