Saturday, October 18, 2008

Revisiting Memory Makers

This month and last, the boys and I have been visiting some of our favorite places here in our area and taking pictures so that we have hardcopy memories, so to speak. My memory bank has gotten so full over the past few years that writing down thoughts and taking pictures of what we do helps me remember what we've done. Brilliant, no? lol What can I say? I'm a little slow. ;)
I have become a minimalist when it comes to traveling or going out which means I often leave the camera home. I've realized that this is not good minimalism hence my new practice of packing the camera and making photograph memories.
Here are some pics of a revisit to the Latte Lounge. It sits right off Main St. and has a very comfy atmosphere. The kids and I love to go here and just sit and talk. Lately, we just get drinks to save on money, but sometimes we'll have bagels and as Annie and I have found out, they have some awesome cheesecake. :)
And...understanding that I'm not a good minimalist when it comes to words, written words that is (unfortunately I'm a *very* good minimalist when it comes to spoken words), I'm going to practice good minimalizing and stop talking and start posting. :)

The guys on the Latte sofa

The 'architectural' window(the sofa sits right behind it)

Through the 'arch' window starring Sir Gregory the Goof

This and the following are storefront pics from the inside

The 'fix-it counter'

The pick-up counter

The following are Main St. pics