Friday, January 23, 2009


If you haven't heard of Nickel Creek...get a copy and listen to them or check them out on You tube. They are amazing musicians. Nickel Creek is one of our favorite bands and one of my favorite songs by them is "Why Should the Fire Die?" though this video isn't the best quality. I really like the version by the Grannis sisters minus the not so great fiddling. I love the blend of their voices. Towards the end their video, the Grannis sisters also sing "Bei Mir Bist du Shon" which is a song the Andrew Sisters sang. My sisters and I like the Andrew Sisters; the harmonies are complex and dead on. Kristie used to sing this particular song alot when we were younger.

Why Should the Fire Die? Nickel Creek and Cover by the Grannis sisters
(including a portion of Bei Mir Bist du Shon popularly sung by the Andrew Sisters in the 40's)

For Kristie and Ann (and anyone else who cares )...The Andrew Sisters (hilarious!)

Nickel Creek playing The Smoothie Song

Waitin' by Landon Austin with Kina Grannis (a sweet song, but a bit of an intro with Kina Grannis...just pause until it loads and skip to 53 seconds into the video.)