Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look Who Came to Breakfast...

Old Yeller

"Oh Arliss, don't let that old nasty dog eat from your bowl!"

Arliss: "Well, he's hungry too!"

Love this picture of Ranger licking his lips.

This is not an ordinary occurrence in our home. In fact, I think this has happened one other time in the four years we've had Ranger. I don't like dog hair which means I'm not that fond of dogs indoors, but since Ranger is something special (and so is my son who is Ranger's boy!), Ranger gets the privilege of being in the house.

Jackson was commenting on how funny it would be if Ranger sat at the table and ate with us so I thought I'd stage this photo. Ranger patiently sat for a few photos and eventually became quite nervous and began to peer into Jackson's eyes for the meaning of it all.

We all survived the frivolity without the loss of a hair to Ranger or an addition to our granola! :)