Monday, August 17, 2009

God's Girl - Abortion Survivor, Gianna Jessen

In case none of you get a chance to read Stacey McDonald's blog (listed on my sidebar), I am going to post these most amazing videos about an abortion survivor. That God would give me a voice to speak like this brave woman. That I would know what to say and how to say it and shrink from the fear of man that plagues me. Gianna Jessen has little to no fear of man because her fear/love of God is so great! May I be more concerned with stepping on God's toes, so to speak, than mans especially in this "save a whale, save a puppy, kill a baby" wretched culture that we live in!
I think we as Christians tend to be such a 'loving' bunch of people that we are afraid to love the way Christ did by speaking the truth and bringing the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to world. If we are his disciples, then we are to follow him and live as Christ lived. What a challenge and what a pleasure to hated for Christ's sake. This is our cross and may we bear it gently, meekly, humbly and yet boldly on his behalf. May we not be afraid to bear testimony to the work of Christ all around us. And may you be as blessed as I was/am by this woman's amazing testimony.

Part 1

Part 2