Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For the Redheads and Bethy-boo :)

My beautiful, sweet sister, Kristie, who has the most intoxicating laugh. I miss you like crazy!

These are her three girlie-poo's.From L to R:Julia, Kennedy and Bethany who I also miss like crazy!

The Glengarry Bhoys are one of my favorite Irish bands. I am posting these in honor of my beautiful red-headed sister and neices. Miranda is the fiddler. About half way through the first clip she gets crazy on the fiddle. If the beginning is boring just skip into it a bit. ;)

This next clip is quite shaky since it was a non-professional taping, but Miranda dances while she plays. She's nuts! She's amazing! :) Hope you enjoy it, gals. :D

Beth, the Irish dancing is posted for you and Jewels. Love you girlies so much!

Love This Version

Love Jack Johnson and these guys sound great together. Love the harmonica.