Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Tuesday Outings

Around here, Tuesday is wash day. I don't know too many mom's who find laundering exhilirating. Under the right conditions I find it relaxing, but in a real home those "conditions" don't often exist. ;) I really don't have anything to complain about though. My piles definately don't add up to those of my sister's (she has 7 kids) or my cousin's (who has 13 kids). Laundry anyone? ;)

Nevertheless, I try to keep our laundry down to a minimum by having the boys (parents, too) wear their clothes for more days in a row than I am going to admit on this blog. This practice helps keep the laundromat costs down. As my guys live indoors mostly at this point (except for wrestling and stick fighting time, assuming it isn't raining), they don't get terribly dirty and smelly. They do take showers, but unfortunately at this point in their lives, it is only because I tell them too. ;) What can I say? their boys.

Being homeschoolers, if we go out before their school is done for the day, school goes with us. So, it being Tuesday Washday, we prepared to go to the laundromat to do some laundry. We always get looks and comments, but thankfully I haven't encountered any negative ones. This is where a great big "thank you" goes out to my sons for their obedience and diligence. Hooray for great sons! I love 'em.

My 3 sons! ;)

Greg's excited smile because he was on his last pile of flashcards. :)

Micaiah engrossed in his book The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by G.A. Henty

Jackson is a pacer. When he talks on the phone or is memorizing, he paces. Makes me nervous, but it seems to help him. ;)

The ever intellectual Jackson. Actually, we are hoping his intellect kicks back in once the hormones die down a bit. ;) Here he's working on memorizing William Bradford's writing about the Pilgrims. I just happened to catch him in one of those 'thoughtful' moments like, "How does this apply to me??".

All that to say, I decided to take my camera with me today. I am NOT a photographer; just trying to capture memories. I don't take enough pictures of our everyday lives so I've been trying to keep my camera handy. Just what you all wanted to see...school and laundry. The very necessary and scary elements that create the best horror flicks. Hope it doesn't frighten you away for too long. Have a great evening. I intend to. My laundry's done. :)